Peanut: "I always believed that Chovy would win an LCK title one day, so I hope that this is the year."

In the second round 2 match of the 2022 LCK Spring playoffs, Gen.G faced off against DWG KIA for the final ticket to the finals. After a full five-game series, Gen.G managed to beat DWG KIA and punch their ticket, where they’ll face T1 in the finals. Game 5 of the series was arguably the biggest comeback victory in the LCK, as Gen.G managed to win with a 12K gold deficit at one point.


Chovy, Peanut, and head coach Score joined the press room for a post-match interview.

How do you feel about the victory tonight, and heading to the finals to face T1?


Peanut: It’s been a while since I’ve played in the finals, so I’m incredibly happy winning a game 5 series. The fact that I’m heading to the finals hasn't hit me so far.


Score: I’m also very thrilled to win a full five-game series.


Chovy: Same here.


How did you feel watching from the sidelines when the team was down 2-1, and in the early game of game 5?


Score: If we lost one game, then it was all over, so I told the players, “I really don’t want to lose tonight.” We were down quite a bit in the early game of game 5, but seeing the players stay in the game and slowly play it out made me believe that we’d win.

[To Peanut] What was going through your mind in the early game of game 5, when you were practically unable to play the game?


I remember playing a similar game like this when I was playing in the LPL. I admit that Canyon strategized very well, and his plan worked because I wasn’t meticulous enough. We had a scaling team composition, so when I was essentially getting bullied, my teammates kept telling me, ‘It’s okay’. It felt like they were really worried about me, so I told them that I was okay as well.


[To Chovy] What was going through your mind when the game was tough in the early game? When did you feel that the team was able to make a comeback?


I thought that the game was really tough because we lost a lot of vision and we were facing a poke composition. However, winning that teamfight near the top inhibitor was what gave us the momentum to win the game.


In the broadcast interview Chovy said that he felt Ruler deserved POG [Player of the Game]. How about you, Score and Peanut?


Score: The players all played very well, but I think Lehends played especially well.


Peanut: Lehends played even better than usual tonight. I think we would’ve had an easier win if my calls were better. I’d give my POG vote to Chovy.


All three of you have a long history with T1. Now that you’re facing them in the finals, does your mindset change at all?


Score: T1 went undefeated this split. They’re an incredibly good team. However, I think my players are really gifted as well, so I hope they play well and I know they can beat them.


Peanut: It’s been too long since I’ve been a part of T1, so the fact that I have a history with them doesn’t really affect my mindset heading into the finals. They have a good win rate in the finals, and their form is great right now, so I am a little worried. If we 3-0’d DWG KIA tonight, I would actually be a bit more worried, but the fact that we went to game 5 tonight gives me hope that we can stay focused until the end and have a great match against T1.


Chovy: I want to set aside any personal feelings for the finals, and will focus only on performing well that day.


What does winning the LCK finals mean to each of you?


Peanut: One thing I’ve learned over the course of my career is that if I produce good results, then the process becomes very precious. I hope to win this split so that I’m only left with great memories. I always believed that Chovy would win an LCK title one day, so I hope that this is the year.


Score: Becoming a champion is every pro player’s goal. I believe that the players are championship caliber level players, so I want to prove ourselves by winning.


Chovy: I’m curious what it’d feel like to win the championship. I think it’d be like being rewarded for all my efforts as a pro so far, and breaking through all the walls and checkpoints that others have set for me.


Gameplay wise, what are some of the things that Gen.G needs to improve for the finals?


Score: There are too many things to list. The biggest ones are reducing the mistakes that we make, and preparing a lot of different cards for the series.


Peanut: The trend is to be aggressive and try new things. When I first came to Gen.G, I didn’t want us to be the perfect team, but the team that always inched ahead of our competition. We were that team tonight, and I hope we can use the momentum from tonight to be proactive.


Chovy: I think it’s very important to strategize around T1, so we’ll need to really analyze them to play better than them. 

How do you think you’ll feel if Gen.G makes it to MSI?


Chovy: I haven’t thought about it yet. My immediate focus is on winning the finals.


Score: I’ve never been to MSI as a player, so I really want to go. There are rumors about it being held in Korea, so if we make it, I want to shape the team that can win it all.


Peanut: If we make it, we’ll get to face the best team from each region, so I think it’ll help us in the long run, for Worlds. It’ll be my third time making it to MSI, so I want to win my second MSI title.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


Score: I think our fans must’ve had an emotional rollercoaster ride watching the series tonight. I’m glad to make our fans happy by winning tonight, so please cheer for us until the end.


Peanut: Thank you for all those that cheered for Gen.G this split. I understand every doubt that you guys may have had in us, so I want to make all those doubts go away by winning the title. The moment that I walk onto the stage in the intro ceremony is when it’s the most exciting for me, and I’m blessed to get to feel the same thrill this year. We’ll definitely win.


Chovy: Thank you for the continued support. It’s been a while since I got to play on the finals stage. I definitely want to win, and no matter what happens, I’ll make sure to play well.

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