Heroes Hearth reveals new Warcraft 3 competitive event featuring Grubby and Kendric as casters.

Ever since Warcraft 3: Reforged's announcement last BlizzCon, there has been a buzz of excitement surrounding the Warcraft 3 competitive community. If you were paying attention, though, signs of a resurgence were clear way before any official announcement by Blizzard. 

You could have cited the persistent competitive scene that never really went away or the dedicated work of tournament broadcasters Back2Warcraft and their channels steady increase of viewers. There was also the increased audience streamer (and multiple Warcraft 3 Champion) Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen continues to experience after deciding to stream the classic RTS full time and the subsequent decision of multiple Warcraft 3 pros to start streaming their Warcraft3 gameplay as well.

And, all the while, the game itself was being patched, balanced, and updated with new 2019 quality of life improvements.

One more reason to love Warcraft 3

Now, it is easy to tell Warcraft 3 is on the rise thanks to increased tournament prize pools, new teams forming and pro-players once again finding sponsorship. In fact, an announcement today by the esports organization Heroes Hearth is doing its part in adding to Reforged anticipation. 


Warcraft 3 Fight Night is a return to casting for Michael "KendricSwissh" Kratzel and Grubby -- both who were at a time known for casting competitive Heroes of the Storm. With that esports essentially canceled (a reality that left many pro players and casters in a "now what?" scenario) the allure of Warcraft 3 is obvious.

The two casters sincerely love the game, the community surrounding Warcraft 3 is passionate, and the Fight Night format creates a low-risk environment where casters can have a good time. The prize pools for players is partially driven by community donation via Bits, so there is a fair chance that this event could prove particularly attractive to Warcraft 3 competitors looking to increase their regard within the scene.

▲A past Heroes of the Storm Fight Night also sponsored by Cylance and Ridgebake.

Heroes Hearth has been producing "Fight Night" events for Heroes of the Storm and other competitive titles, but this is their first event focusing on Warcraft 3. To learn a bit about the format, check out the official news page on the HeroesHearth website. 

Fight Night: Warcraft 3 is launching on April 19 at 7pm CST/12am UTC and will be streamed on Twitch.tv/heroeshearth.

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