Smash community questions why Genesis has banned Westballz with no explanation


High-ranked professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player Westballz has been banned from Genesis but it's not clear why. 


Genesis is taking place on April 15, meaning it's less than a week away. Despite how close the Smash major is, Westballz found out he was banned. Even more shocking to the Smash community, the TOs have allegedly not provided a reason for the decision. 



"I don't think a tournament should feel like they're allowed to exclude someone from the community's largest events without good cause, especially someone like Wes who is not elitist towards fans or newer players in any way," said Smash player Bones. 


The sudden ban without an explanation created a rift in the professional Melee community. While some agreed with Bones that TOs shouldn't be allowed to ban a player without explanation, others felt that they needed more information to have an opinion. Unfortunately, no information has been given by the Genesis TOs. Meanwhile, some in the Smash community have called for Westballz to be banned despite not knowing the reasons behind the decision. 


Top Melee player iBDW said: "It’s almost impossible to comment without any information. For all we know there could be legitimate legal reasons for why they’re not speaking out. Irresponsible to rush to a decision on either end; we’ve seen both ends of the spectrum in the past few years."


He added, however, that he wants clarification from Genesis just in case they "did him dirty." iBDW noted that it isn't anyone's right to know, though. 



Despite not knowing the details behind the ban, Bones even mentioned that the ban could be permanent due to the nature in which it occurred. Basically, Westballz has signed up for Genesis events multiple times just to be removed soon after. 


Westballz hasn't made any comments about the situation. Of course, this is due to a lack of social media presence as well — Westballz no longer has a Twitter account. 


In 2020, Westballz was accused of inappropriate behavior by multiple women in the Smash community. This includes groping Mang0's girlfriend and flirting with an underage fan. While there hasn't been any concrete proof to support the allegations, the Smash community has noted in the past that the accusations should be taken seriously due to their nature. 

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