Hax banned from Melee Online after mocking iBDW's story of abuse

Source: Hax' YouTube channel

Smash pro player Aziz "Hax" Al-Yami has been permanently banned from the Melee Online Discord server, one of the largest online Smash communities, after he reportedly mocked and questioned fellow Smash Pro Cody "iBDW" Shwab's story of abuse. 


The ban from the Melee Online Discord server also follows Hax receiving bans from multiple Smash events earlier this month after he released a 2.5-hour-long rant against Smash Pro Leffen on June 4th, in which he accused Leffen of being mentally ill and a dictator.


According to iBDW, he confided in Hax$ in 2018 that he was sexually assaulted as a teenager by his mom, a story that he shared in a Twitlonger last summer. iBDW admits that he embellished the story to Hax initially, claiming that he had sex with his mother. iBDW explained that he exaggerated the story originally out of fear that he wouldn't be taken seriously, but stands by the fact that he was still sexually assaulted at the age of 14 by his mother.


On Monday, IBDW released screenshots on Twitter showing Hax joking about the assault publicly and claiming "[iBDW] faked that story" on Hax' Discord server.



"Told this b*tch about what happened with my mom back at pound underground and lied (wrongfully so) about the extent because of insecurities," IBDW explained. "What was his response you might ask? Something along the lines of me being 14 and I had to have partially wanted it and then he writes about how not to believe victims. Literally, I hope you go away and never come back. F*ck you, sincerely, and wholeheartedly."


Following IBDW's Tweets on Monday evening, Hax deleted the controversial statements from his Discord server. He also offered an immediate response, before deleting it a few minutes later.



"I don't really know what to say about the fact that you faked that story man," Hax said in his now-deleted response. "I'm in no position to contest anything right now, but you using that story to gain my sympathy (then later admitting that it was fake) is easily one of the most disturbing things I've witnessed."


Hax replaced that statement with a promise to "formally respond in due time" while also calling iBDW's tweet "highly deceptive."



Hax also stated on his own Twitter account, saying that he will "exonerate" himself in the next few days.



After iBDW released his allegations that Hax victim-blamed him, didn't believe him, and mocked him, the Melee Online Admin team made the decision to indefinitely ban Hax, citing both the newest allegations and the Leffen video as reasons for the ban.


"It is particularly alarming that [hax] has manipulated the sensitive issue of assault and the traumatic experiences of others in a way that is detrimental to the community's understanding of the subjects," explained the Melee Online Admin team. "As a result of these code of conduct violations, Hax is banned indefinitely. As always, we are committed to upholding the highest community standards and ensuring that Melee Online is a positive, hate-free environment."



As of publishing this article, Hax has yet to release his promised response to the allegations. We will update this story when he releases a complete statement.








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